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I am a human rights advocate with a knack for inter-contextually. I am a storyteller, a ceramists, a pan-art lover, a feminist, and a humanist.


desire plays in wakes breaking. sun stains my skin vast is the sea *I wrote this after meditating on a haiku by Sonia Sanchez from her book Like the Singing Coming Off the Drums. 

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Writing Routine In Rainbowland

Today, Kane, a fiction writer friend of mine asked, “Have you found a routine in rainbowland?” India, more specifically Mumbai, has consumed my thoughts and snuck into every paragraph of work I’ve churned out in the past two weeks since … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Kat Fitzpatrick Cares about Vietnam (And Three Reasons Why You Should, Too)

Hello! Below you will find a blog post by a good friend of mine, writer Kat Fitzpatrick, regarding her Stories of Vietnam project. I hope you will be inspired (as I am) to continue to read about her adventure at Stories of Vietnam and … Continue reading

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Books and Cigarettes by Andrea Davies

Roman gets my phone number off an application for employment at the West Portal Bookshop in San Francisco. I imagine him taking my application off the stack and going to stand outside in the grey with his ankle showing tight … Continue reading

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Why Diction Matters: A Close Look at Joan Didion

In her essay titled In Bed, Joan Didion presents her subject – the evolution of her relationship to suffering consistent, frequent, and severe migraines -in the fifth sentence of the first paragraph by means of precise, implicative diction and phrasing. … Continue reading

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The South End, Boston

“THE world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings. ” Robert Louis Stevenson  

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The Thing About David Shields is He’s Always Writing About Death

David Shields’ book, The Thing about Life is that One Day You Will Be Dead, bridges a harmony between intense academic structure and surprising narrative. Biological life cycle, literature, and historical fact act as massive levies shaping the story of a … Continue reading

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The Good Times In Between

I feel like our mother when I read in bed, Early in the morning, stacks of books and letters next to me. Thoughts written wildly on the backs of bank statements and PG&E envelopes. Blankets tucked up and around my … Continue reading

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Book Review of Sorts: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris (#1)

David Sedaris is not for everyone. In fact, I would go as far as to say he is not for you. He may be a bit crude for your taste, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls ends with  three words: ‘licks his … Continue reading

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Trimming: Finding Pleasure Triggers in the Fine-Tuning

I much prefer the fine-tuning the trimming of my mostly leather-hard clay pots Even glazing, after first fire bisque, excites me more Than dirty fingers slipping over lopsided lumps of clay Spinning pot after horribly deformed pot only to find … Continue reading

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