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desire plays in wakes breaking. sun stains my skin vast is the sea *I wrote this after meditating on a haiku by Sonia Sanchez from her book Like the Singing Coming Off the Drums. 

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Writing Routine In Rainbowland

Today, Kane, a fiction writer friend of mine asked, “Have you found a routine in rainbowland?” India, more specifically Mumbai, has consumed my thoughts and snuck into every paragraph of work I’ve churned out in the past two weeks since … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Kat Fitzpatrick Cares about Vietnam (And Three Reasons Why You Should, Too)

Hello! Below you will find a blog post by a good friend of mine, writer Kat Fitzpatrick, regarding her Stories of Vietnam project. I hope you will be inspired (as I am) to continue to read about her adventure at Stories of Vietnam and … Continue reading

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Books and Cigarettes by Andrea Davies

Roman gets my phone number off an application for employment at the West Portal Bookshop in San Francisco. I imagine him taking my application off the stack and going to stand outside in the grey with his ankle showing tight … Continue reading

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Why Diction Matters: A Close Look at Joan Didion

In her essay titled In Bed, Joan Didion presents her subject – the evolution of her relationship to suffering consistent, frequent, and severe migraines -in the fifth sentence of the first paragraph by means of precise, implicative diction and phrasing. … Continue reading

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The South End, Boston

“THE world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings. ” Robert Louis Stevenson  

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The Thing About David Shields is He’s Always Writing About Death

David Shields’ book, The Thing about Life is that One Day You Will Be Dead, bridges a harmony between intense academic structure and surprising narrative. Biological life cycle, literature, and historical fact act as massive levies shaping the story of a … Continue reading

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Notes on Understanding the Human Condition

I believe in education The importance of education by means of experience Experience of art Sculpture, music, dance, painting, film, ceramics, theater I believe in the participatory education of experiencing art Moving around the thing with eyes, nose, ears perceptive … Continue reading

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Self-doubt can go fuck itself: Looking all fear in the face

Pulling clothes off Baring body Fat pockets protruding Interesting curves Attractive lips Daring to love me Daring to touch the ugliest parts of me See the shame, lick it up like melted ice cream Buckets of hot foam disturbingly sweet … Continue reading

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.Finding Home.

.Finding home so close to where I was born so far from the homes I’ve made.  Feel myself dropping down into this space, making familiar out of constant new. Pulling in the open air and the yellow mountains and box … Continue reading

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